Saftronics Transformers is a centre of unique excellence, the division within the group responsible for transformers and associated services. Saftronics Transformers handles the manufacture, assembly, testing and repairs of transformers. Saftronics adheres to a strict regime whereby in-house project managers source certified, approved materials (and manufacturing expertise) from within the group to ensure customers take eventual delivery of solutions that conform to optimal manufacturing standards and design specifications. Designs cover a variety of transformer applications – Furnace, Multi-pulse Rectifying,

Power, Distribution and other special application purposes. Saftronics manage the design and manufacture of each transformer as a project. Project managers conduct in-depth design reviews of manufacturing facilities at the order stage to ensure that the plant meets all the specified design parameters. To maintain integrity, the manufacturing of the larger transformers (above 10MVA), project managers adopt manufacturing protocols defined by Vendor Drawing and Data Requirements (VDDR) – a quality based document system that tracks design specification data from ‘start to finish’. The Manufacturing and quality is closely monitored via our VDDR system and manufacturing plans are updated regularly. All transformers supplied are designed and tested to the relevant IEC, BS, IS and SANS specifications. The Saftronics Transformer facility incorporates a 25-ton overhead crane, a SCADA controlled test laboratory, and a fully monitored vacuum dehydration oven, oil storage and treatment plant for degassing and oil drying.