Induction heating

Saftronics Induction Heating (Pty) Ltd is a Design, Manufacturing and Sales Company of Induction Heating and Melting units. The company adapts, designs and develops products specifically for the South African environment. Local design and manufacture covers Product and Handling equipment for forging, bending, brazing, soldering, heat treatment and paint drying. We import and support power sources for applications needing higher frequencies.This includes Relco Induction Cap sealers and EFD Induction Heaters. The factory can handle a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and precious metals in its furnaces

We offer:

– Box furnaces from 20kg to 2500kg capacity.

– Steel bodied furnaces with shunts and lids from 600kg up to 20ton capacity.

                                                                          – Lift-swing furnaces for Non-Ferrous metals in crucibles up to 300kg bronze.

                                                                          – Induction Billet heaters to suit customer requirements.

                                                                          – Power sources from 10kW to 5000kW output. Operating frequency from 50Hz to 25kHz.