SAFTRONICS ENERGY emerged under the Saftronics umbrella to formulate power factor solutions (a measurement of how efficiently a customer consumes electrical power) to improve power supplies ‘polluted’ by ‘non-sinusoidal’ (‘disruptive’) loads; a problem associated with the over- loaded Southern Africa power grid and a linked demand for power from South Africa’s neighbouring SADEC economies (power factor irregularities affect all 3- phase AC electrical supply operations to varying degrees). This is where Saftronics Energy plays an optimising role; not only supplying equipment to achieve Power Factor unity, but also offering on-site factory analysis of power factors, linked to detailed reports that enable customers to make informed Energy saving decisions. Solutions range from system load profile recordings, harmonic analysis, energy consumption reports and website based energy meters. Using this data, Saftronics Energy formulates customised solutions adapted to localnetwork conditions, or customer requirements.