Saftronics Drives and Motors focuses on Drive Technology and service. Drive technology covers Variable Speed Drives LV and MV, DC Drives, Heater controllers, Soft Starters LV-MV, load monitors, Tacho Encoders, LED and Induction Lighting, Semiconductors, IGBT’S, Trailing Cable Testers and LV AC Motors.

Variable Speed Drives: To satisfy immediate customer needs, Saftronics Drives maintains a wide range of drives in stock, including the reliable Emotron Range, which includes a Constant torque VXF, and a Variable torque FDU option. Saftronics technicians also upgrade and service variable speed drives throughout the country. In terms of a service agreement with Siemens, Saftronics Drives also conducts start-up and commissioning on all SIEMENS ROBICON VFDs in Southern Africa.

LV VVVF range from: 220V (0.4kW – 2.2kW); 400V (0.75kW -15kW) and 525V (30kW – 400kW).

MV Variable Speed Drives range from: 3.3 kV (375 -9000KVA); 6.6kV (375 – 18,000KVA) and 11kV (375 -30,000KVA).

DC Drives: Saftronics is a major supplier of DC Drives available in a range from 400V -525V -1200V. Customers may request larger drives in this range.

Heater Controller: SH4 BURST FIRING UNIT The SH4 operates according to the Cycle and span pot setting, with either short burst energy and long resting periods or vice versa. Range: 400V – 525V.

SH6 PHASE ANGLE THYRISTOR CONTROL UNIT Controlled, effective, reliable and user friendly, the SH6 series phase angle controller provides system flexibility and productivity to any element control systems. Range: 400V – 525V.

Soft Starters: Part of the EMOTRON Range that Saftronics Imports, for LV Soft starters.

LV Ranges:380V (7.5kW – 800kW); 1000V (55kW – 450kW).

We are approved service agents for the Motortronics MV Soft starter range.

MV: 3.3kV (860kW – 2400kW); 6.6kV (950kW – 4410kW); and 11kV (880kW – 5880kW).

Load Monitors: Imported from Emotron. Range: 240V – 400V – 525V – 600V.

Tacho/Encoders: Agents for Baumer Hubner. Rotary speed sensor (DC Tachogenerator) for drive, control and measurement technology in all industries with high demands of ruggedness.