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Siemens LD-Robicon (Pittsburgh, USA) sold five 2,000HP (1,500KW) and two 7,500HP (5,625KW) 6.600Vac, Robicon Prefect Harmony Frequency Inverters to Exxon Mobil. The Inverters were manufactured in Pittsburgh, USA, by Siemens LD-Robicon. The units were then shipped to Bradgate (Pty) Ltd in Leeds, England for containerization. Saftronics were sub-contracted by Siemens South Africa.

Tenke Fungurume purchased two 11KV, 3,4MW Medium Voltage Soft Starters directly from Saftronics. Units were F.A.T in Florida USA, which was attend by the Consultant and our Service Engineer increasing the guarantee from 1 to 3 years.

Luilu ( Kolwezi) in the DRC




Rossing Uranium Mine (Barlow), Purchased two Atlas Copco Compressors, from Atlas Copco in the United States of America. In each of the compressors is a Medium Voltage Soft Starter manufactured by Motortronics Inc. Saftronics, an authorised agent for Motortronics in Africa were requested to attend to a service break down at Rossing Mine. The Thyristor Power Components failed.

In a natural occurring lake just 80Km from Dakar (Senegal), Grande Côte Operations SA decided to open up a Minerals mine, which, over an expected mine life of at least 20 years, is anticipated to produce on average approximately 85ktpa of zircon and 575ktpa of ilmenite (and small amounts of rutile and leucoxene) when in full production.

Saftronics Qualified Robicon Engineers were on site to commission 14 various Robicon drives, varying in size from 800kW - 4.5MW.

Upgrade of 320kW Slip Ring Motors, along with R400 Strato Start panels for control of each motor in the milling plant of Foskor - Phalaborwa.