The Monarch

Manufacturer:Distributed by Saftronics
Posted Date:Apr 17, 2014

• 3300V Series: 860kW - 2400kW

• 6600V Series: 950Kw - 4410kW

• 11000V Series: 880kW - 5880kW



• Control Method: pulse start, voltage ramp, constant current, rotation speed (optional).
• Soft start / Soft Stop method: soft start, direct start, soft stop, free stops.
• Control panel: on cabinet, remote control, control centre (optional)
• Analogue Output: motor working current, 0-10V or 4-20mA.
• Initial voltage: 10% - 50% Un (can be extended to 5%-80%Um)
• Current Limit: 100%-400% In ( can be extended to 500%
• Soft start, soft stop time: 1-30s (can be extended to 90s)
• Pulse Start: current, 70% - 700%In, adjustable time: 0-10s
• LCD display: working current, start times, running time, faulty message ect.
• Noise: <80db
• Operating Power: AC 220V/50Hz 600Va
• Main circuit power frequency endurance: 42Kv/min
• Protection level: IP42
• IP54 optional


The Monarch is a third generation, Medium Voltage,
digital Medium voltage motor soft starter, designed
for use with standard asynchronous and
synchronous motors.

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