IE3 Premium Efficiency Siemens Motors

Manufacturer:Distributed by Saftronics
Category: MOTORS
Posted Date:Jun 30, 2017
  • Frame Size  80-355
  • Rated output  0.75 … 315 kW
  • Poles     2,4 & 6
  • Voltage & Frequency   400V +/- 5% , 50Hz and other
  • Mounting    B3, B35, B5 and other


Besides lower energy consumption, IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens offer these winning features:

  • Integrated lifting lugs

  • Easily accessible connection boxes

  • Unchanging shaft heights and the same housing in many cases


Innovative rotor technology makes IE3 motors extremely compact. They come with the same shaft height as IE2 motors, which means the mechanical interfaces to the assembly remain unchanged. Because the improved efficiency rating can often be achieved using the same housing, there is no need to change the mechanical structure of the machine in many cases