VFX Drive

Manufacturer:Distributed by Saftronics
Category: AC DRIVES
Posted Date:May 03, 2016

Rated power:     0.75-160 kW
Supply voltage:  230-480 V, 3-phase
Rated current:   2.5-293 A
Protection class: IP20 (optional 21)


Emotron VFX is available in IP20/21and IP54 versions. The robust metal construction in IP54 version means that you can install your AC drive close to the application, which saves the cost of cabinets and long motor cables.The 300-3,000 A units (IP20 modules) is also available in compact CG-designed IP54 or IP23 cabinets. IP20/21 series 2.5-293 A are optimised for mounting in control cabinets (IP20) or on electrical room wall (IP21, 25-293A). Robust and compact design, easy access to power terminals. Extended temperature range up to 50/55 °C.


Emotron VFX 2.0 AC drive optimizes the operation of your cranes, crushers, mills and mixers. Your process is protected from damage and downtime and you will benefit from reduced installation, energy and maintenance costs.

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