Premium Liquid Resistance Starting

The Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters offer the ultimate quality in starting large slip ring motors. Offering simplicity, reliability and minimal maintenance, Unistarter units provide a perfect solution for critical project applications requiring high starting torque and low starting current, our enhanced, fully stainless steel design ensures suitability for installation in harsh environments and long term, reliable service.More Details

  • Built for the global market and specifically engineered for harsh conditions
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Power Ratings at 22MW
  • Custom built starters can be designed for specific applications, based on two decades of research and design experience
  • Offers the ultimate quality in starting large slip ring motors, including fixed and variable speed applications suited to a wide variety of industries such as mines, quarries, cement plants, water treatment, recycling and associated industries
  • SER ready options available

Economy Liquid Resistance Starter

The SSE Liquid Resistance Starter is suitable for high torque starting applications that are found in a wide variety of industries such as metallurgy, mining, coal, cement plants, quarries, water treatment, and associated general industry.

  • Offers economical motor starting without harmonic disturbances
  • Designed for high reliability and low maintenance
  • Prolongs the working life of drive train components through reduced mechanicalstress
  • Available on short delivery times

Slip Energy Recovery

The Uniserve Slip Energy Recovery system (SER) is designed for speed control of wound rotor induction motors for the mining industry. Typical applications include mills, crushers, fans and pumps. Offers the ultimate in single or dual motor speed control and is designed to
be used with our premium LRS units.

  • Motor power factor control (unity power factor target)
  • Recovery circuit Active VAR Generation
  • Bump-less Bi-Directional Transfer, to and from LRS providing high availability plant operation
  •  Liquid to air heat-exchange platform (transfers heat to outside switch room)
  •  Extremely small footprint and no rear access required with fully sealed IP54 construction (304 stainless enclosure)
  • Containerised / shelter installation possible
  •  Manufactured to IEC AS/NZ 61800 family standard

Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives

The Hivert Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives have a built in Cell Bypass function, the MV VSD can remove and isolate 3 power cells (one cell per phase, including one fault power cell) and continues to operate with (N – 1) cells/ per phase at a certain load.

  • Instant power loss ride through: When grid voltage dips or when power loss for less than 1000ms, VFD will continue to operate without tripping.
  • Torque boost: Increasing the output voltage when at low frequency will boost the motor torque when running at low speed. High starting torque
  • Neutral point shift: When 1 power cell fails the other power cells can adjust output voltage to keep normal output voltage, by change phase position to maintain continuous running.
  • Power cell braking function: It uses for site need quick braking at lower frequency; the back EMF will be discharged into brake resistors up 2% of Motor power.

High Voltage Asynchronous Motors

The Hivert Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives have a built in Cell Bypass function, the MV VSD can remove and isolate 3 power cells (one cell per phase, including one fault power cell) and continues to operate with (N – 1) cells/ per phase at a certain load.

  • Taylor-made solution with wide range of options, certificates and standards
  • Efficiently adjusted to individual requirements
  • Increased plant availability – Fast and easy access to spare parts due to largely standardization
  • Fast implementation – Standardized interfaces
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Available for applications in extreme temperatures and rough ambient conditions
  • High power applications with special start-up requirements
  • Highest efficiency values
  • For explosive environments such as gas: Zone 1 / 2 designed as Ex n, Ex p or Class1, Division II
  • Dust protection is also available: Zone 22 designed as Ex pD
  • Fulfils all major standards and specifications e.g. API, Certificate TR CU, CSA, NEMA and other national norms
  • Optimized base frame leads to high mechanical rigidity, improved rotor dynamic and low noise levels and noise protection

Medium Voltage Sinamics Perfect Harmony GH 180 Variable Speed Drive

Siemens has over four decades of experience manufacturing nearly every type of medium voltage converter or inverter that exists today. One topology or drive configuration does not fit all applications. This is the reason why we offer converters and inverters featuring 6 different technologies, different voltage classes and power ratings. Plus our drive systems match perfectly with our high voltage motors to provide you with unparalleled levels of reliability, availability, flexibility and performance.

  • 7 Ranges to cater to your specific needs and applications
  • Easy plant integration due to the compact design and highly flexible configuration
  • Simple operator control with the user-friendly operator panel
  • Smooth and reliable operation due to the integrated maintenance functions: the converter signals automatically and well in advance when maintenance is required and / or components need to be exchanged
  • High ruggedness and reliability


STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator), also known as SVG, is an important device for flexible AC transmission System (FACTS), and is the third generation of dynamic VAR compensation device since the FC, MCR and TCR type of SVC`s.It represents the application of the most advanced technology of dynamic VAR compensation and is also known as a DSTATCOM when apply in power distribution. The STATCOM is connected in parallel with the power grid and works as a reactive current source. Its reactive current source can be flexibly controlled and compensate the reactive power for system automatically and solves problem such as harmonic interfere switching of parallel capacitor banks and restrain harmonics and improve power quality according as per design specifications.

  • Fast response, implement dynamic compensation in real time
  • Effectively avoid parallel resonance
  • Absorb and produce reactive power
  • Deliver less harmonics to the system
  • Restrain voltage fluctuations
  • Constant current, effectively restrain voltage drop
  • Compensate negative sequence, implement balanced power supply
  • Resistance to harmonics, able to compensate the part of harmonic current

Emotron AFE Drive

Emotron Active Front End drives are available in two versions: Low harmonic drives and Regenerative drives. Both are based on standard Emotron AC drives, offering the same reliability, easy handling and advanced functionality. The drives are delivered as complete solutions in IP54 classified cabinets.

  • Trouble-free operation
  • Low harmonic distortions
  • Regenerative braking
  • Rated power 55-1,000 kW
  • Supply voltage 380-690 V, 3-phase
  • Rated current 109-1,800 A
  • Protection class IP54