Induction Lighting

There is no filament or electrode in Induction lighting, it consists of a current rectifier, hollow discharge bulb and coupler. The electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator establishes links with the internal bubble by induction, causing the cumulative ionization of the gas inside the bulb and making the gas turn to plasma. While returning to the ground state, those excited atoms of the plasma will radiate ultra violet light of 253.7nm, which invigorates the phosphor on the inner wall of the bulb to give off visible light.

  • Extra Long Life: Induction products have no filament and electrode. The life span is over 60, 000hrs, which is 10 times that of florescent and 12 times longer that a metal halide lamp.
  • High efficiency and energy saving: Luminous efficiency of the light source is more than 60LM/W. The power factor is also more than 0.98. The luminous of an induction lamp (125W) is equal to that of the incandescent lamp (400W), resulting in an energy saving of 80%, this also equates to 50% energy saving in the case of a high pressure sodium lamp.
  • Environmental Protection: The product has passed the national EMC testing, having no electromagnetism pollution, and it has a high level of illumination with low amounts of glare. The light is stable with no flickering and is therefore healthy for eyes.
  • High Dependability: The product can be connected to AC and DC electric power, when the voltage is in the scope from 150V-252V and the environmental temperature is between -20˚C and +50˚C
  • High Colour Rendering index: Colour rendering index is more than or equal to 80. Various colours can be chosen. The light is gentle which is close to sunlight. It is suitable for any different situation and harmonized for any environment.

LED Lighting

  • Ultra-Long Life: LED products adopt the solid cold light source and epoxy resin package, without the problem of easy disconnection of traditional power source due to heat. Moreover, the constant current drive with high stability is adopted to ensure the product service life, and the life expectancy can reach up to 50, 000 hours.
  • High Colour Rendering: Compared with the traditional light bulb, the colour rendering index of LED products reach up to 80, which can more accurately present the natural colour of the illuminated object.
  • Environmental Protection: LED products are healthy, they are free of strobflash, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation and mercury elements. They will not produce harmful substances during use and is thus recognized as a new green lighting in the 21st century.
  • Energy Efficient: LED products are extremely bright, with a very low power consumption and low heat emissions. 50-80% of energy can be saved compared to the traditional light source under the same illumination intensity.
  • High Reliability: Our LED products have a wide input voltage from AC85-265V, The lamp itself adopts the epoxy resin rather than the traditional glass, which is more robust and reliable for flexible use.