Melting Equipment – Modular Induction Furnaces

Due to the increasing focus on health and safety and with an eye on productivity and minimizing downtime SAFTRONICS have designed modular furnace assembly that consist of easy assembled parts, these parts are assembled and wired to allow for quick site installation.

  • Power factor of >0. 96 across entire power range.
  • Harmonics in line with NRS048 regulations and IEC standards.
  • Zero – voltage scanning soft start, start or stop at any time under any state.
  • Standardized design to allow for easy change of category of melting material.
  • Melting from low temperature, availability for fully emptying of charge,
  • Adjustable power, easy and continuous smooth adjustment, easily controllable temperature, low oxidization loss, uniform metal content.
  • Automatic regulation circuit for matching of load impedance, maintaining good operation without regulation or compensation of capacitance
  • Power supply with fault diagnosis and facilitating service.
  • Melting time and power consumption is relevant to equipment power and charge shape and weight plus operator’s skill level and other elements.
  • Power Rating is in relation to steel melting; lower power is required by melting copper, aluminium, zinc or other material with a low melting point, please consult our technical department for specific data

Medium Frequency Furnace Accessories

  • Water cooled Chokes
  • Capacitors
  • Induction Furnace Coils
  • Water-cooled Thyristors
  • Control Board
  • Aluminium Shells
  • Cable Heads ect

Medium Frequency Heating Equipment

MF Heating is one of the most popular and best heating methods of metallic material, and is superior to oil, coal or other similar heating products by speedy heating, high efficiency and low production cost, low heating radiation, labour intensity and pollution conforming to environmental protection requirements.

  • Heating Prior to Semi-automatic Forging
  • Bar Heating

IGBT HF, HIGH Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

The principle of high frequency induction heating is that apply high frequency alternating current to a conduct that is curled to cyclic (normally copper tube) to produce flux, then put the metal in this area to make the flux run through it, and eddy current will be generated in the direction of selfcapturing with flux (rotary current), the induced current then generates heat under the influence of the eddy current, so this heating method is called induction heating. Hence, metal and other objects under heated can be heated without contact. At this moment, the character of the eddy current relies in that the induction heating on the object nearby the coil is outwardly strong but inwardly weak. With this principle, the heating body can be concentratedly heated where needed to achieve instantly effect, thereby the production output and work capacity are both improved.