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Our success in achieving this simple goal stems from an ingrained determination to sell and maintain the most appropriate cost-efficient power electronic products available on the market. It’s a policy defined by forward planning, specialised diversification, and reliable service and maintenance policies. More succinctly, Saftronics strives to provide better products at better prices with exceptional levels of service.


Premium Liquid Resistance Starting

The Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters offer the ultimate quality in startinglarge slip ring motors.


Slip Energy Recovery

The Uniserve Slip Energy Recovery system (SER) is designed for speed control of wound rotor induction motors for the mining industry.


Economy Liquid Resistance Starter

The SSE Liquid Resistance Starter is suitable for high torque starting applications


Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives

The Hivert Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives have a built in Cell Bypass function,

About Us & Why We are

Conservation Assessment of Butterflies of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: Red List and Atlas the title of one of the books SAFTRONICS has sponsored. ‘Saftronics has had an interest in butterfly research and conservation for well over a decade and in 2011 introduced a new range of products, all with African Butterfly names. These products are marketed with the particular attributes of the respective butterfly being presented as those of the product. SAFTRONICS is pleased to be a part of the effort to conserve our natural heritage for future generations’


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